What Does The Future Look Like For TV News?

New TruthCo. Study THE NEXT NEWS INDUSTRY Examines the Future Role of TV News

Branding and insights agency TruthCo. released a new study today that takes an in-depth look at the paradigm shift in consumer expectations of TV news with THE NEXT NEWS INDUSTRY. The report is a comprehensive cultural analysis of the role TV news plays in our current world and where it fits into a multi-platform digital future.  

Once the definitive source of breaking news and the day’s most important headlines, the traditional TV news broadcast has been eclipsed by the immediacy of digital platforms. There was a time when news broadcasters were the most trusted voices in the country and newscasts were must-see TV. With the rise of digital media and the plethora of viewing choices, the times are changing, fast. So what is the role of television news in the Internet age?

"News has been an integral part of people's every day lives since the first radio broadcast in the early 1900's," said Linda Ong, TruthCo.'s president. "The need for news never changes, but the ways we consume and relate to it are constantly evolving."

Linda Ong, TruthCo. CEO

The top 4 findings from THE NEXT NEWS INDUSTRY study: 

·      What defines credibility in TV news has changed. Viewers no longer respect or trust the "voice of authority,” but demand higher levels of truth-value from journalists who speak independently of corporate agendas.

·      Long-held industry standards regarding neutrality, professionalism and newscasts have now led to a sameness that reads as "generic” and commoditized to contemporary audiences.

·      The ubiquity and focus on the same stories in the daily news cycle has bred a desire for enterprise journalism as a replacement for "breaking news.”

·      TV news's obsession with partisan politics is increasingly turning off viewers under 60, as younger viewers' desire for values-based journalism increases.