Video Commentary Explores the Role of Women in Ad Business With First-Person Interviews

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Genero Releases Video to Raise Awareness About Lack of Diversity in Advertising for International Women's Day

Genero, the world’s largest professional creative network for generating creative thinking and video content for brands, released a video today in honor of International Women’s Day that features interviews with a variety of women in the creative, marketing and advertising industry from around the world, offering their commentary on the state of gender equality in the business. The video provides a new perspective on why diversity is so important in advertising, the progress the industry has made and how brands can start embracing diversity today.

The advertising industry has been struggling for years to embrace diversity in its creative and content production processes. The lack of diversity represents a huge missed opportunity to effectively engage with increasingly diverse audiences including women, who yield 85 percent of the product purchasing power in households (GirlPower Marketing). And with only 10 percent of commercial directors being women (ANA’s #SeeHer Study), the disparity is even more apparent.

Genero’s aim with the International Women’s Day video is to showcase the reality that there are thousands of qualified female creatives around the world who can help brands create content that is more inclusive, empathetic and relevant. With a global community of professional creatives and an end-to-end software platform for the creative and production workflow, Genero is making it easier for brands to work with a diverse array of creatives and filmmakers.

The video features interviews with the following filmmakers and executives to explore the issue of gender inequality in advertising:

Libby Stroud-Kroon, Global Digital Manager, Johnnie Walker, Diageo

Tenika Smith (Australia)

Shruti Ganguly (USA)

Carla Dauden (Brazil / USA)

An Bui (Vietnam)

“We believe in the power of global diversity and the democratization of the advertising business by connecting brands with the right creatives for their brief, so they can generate fresh ideas and create work that truly engages audiences,” said Mick Entwisle, CEO of Genero. “Our platform is built to connect brands with professional creatives in every corner of the globe, allowing them to easily put diversity at the forefront of their creative processes.”

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