'The Emotional Triggers of Family SVOD Adoption' Study Findings Reveals New Pathways to Recruit and Retain Families

Inaugural Study from The Family Room Identifies What Drives Families to Adopt SVOD

Insights company The Family Room released findings today from their inaugural study "The Emotional Triggers of Family SVOD Adoption" that identifies the key emotional triggers for SVOD usage by the world's largest SVOD subscriber base: families. Studies to date have explored the budgetary or content-related aspects of SVOD adoption, but this is the first study of its kind to dive into the emotional drivers behind family SVOD subscribers in the United States.

Based on the premise that consumer decision-making is both rational and emotional, this study fills out a missing dimension of previous research, giving SVOD brands a new avenue to drive subscriber growth in today's brutally competitive market.

The following are five key findings from the study:

●  Emotional Triggers of SVOD Platform Adoption: The study found that restoring kid confidence and joy are top drivers of Family SVOD brand adoption. Preparing kids for school and serving parent needs are the least important adoption triggers.

●  Generational Differences in SVOD Adoption: Younger Gen Z parents want SVOD platforms that reassure their children, whereas older Millennial parents seek SVOD platforms that comfort themselves.

●  Emotional Profile of an SVOD Parent: Contrary to their "couch potato" perceptions, high-frequency parent streamers are more likely to prioritize creativity, spontaneity, personal authenticity, and family connection in their lives than their more infrequent streaming counterparts.

●  Emotional Drivers of Brand Selection: Every streamer has a set of emotional perceptions that trigger brand adoption. For instance, while parents turn to Netflix for family connection, they turn to Amazon Prime for relaxation and YouTube Premium for their own self-care.

●  Pre-K Parent SVOD Priorities: For Pre-K parents, the security and self-esteem of their child is top priority when considering a new SVOD platform. Conversely, parents of older kids prioritize their own freedom and belonging.

"As the streaming wars have heated up and more platforms compete for the subscription dollars of a constant number of families, success is going to come to those that push beyond standard promises like 'great content at a great price' to the emotional imperatives of family entertainment their brand credibly delivers," said The Family Room CEO George Carey. "All of these platforms in our study have excellent kid and family shows, but when it comes to the emotional connections families have with them, they may as well be from different planets. Understanding and leveraging these unique assets will mean the difference between subscriber growth or subscriber loss."

The data cited here comes from The Family Room's inaugural "The Emotional Triggers of Family SVOD Adoption" study, conducted in July 2021 among 1,400 parents of kids 2-12 years old in the United States who have subscribed to at least one new streaming video platform in the past year. An excerpt of the study and findings charts can be found here.

Source: The Family Room