Spherex Introduces World M+E News - the First-Ever Global Newsfeed on Culture for the Entertainment Industry

Real-Time News Aggregator Captures Stories from Around the World Related to Content Globalization

Data and technology company Spherex announced today the introduction of a newsfeed that aggregates stories from across the globe related to the globalization of TV and film content. Called World M+E News, the company is providing the newsfeed as a service to the entertainment industry as culture becomes more critical and TV and film content goes global.

In order to succeed in the global streaming wars, media and entertainment companies need to pay attention to the cultural mores in the countries in which they are distributing in order to avoid censure, offense and loss of revenue. Recent headlines highlighting translation and localization missteps in TV and film content demonstrate the adverse impacts low cultural awareness has on audience acceptance and, in many cases, can be damaging to the title and the distributor's or producer's reputation and revenue. Understanding international cultural trends and narratives is critical to the media and entertainment industry's ability to adapt, evolve and innovate.

"Spherex is pioneering the concept of culturalization as a critical success factor for studios, streamers and networks as they ramp up their international distribution efforts," said Teresa Phillips, Spherex Co-Founder and CEO. "Our goal is to make it easier for all of these companies to reach bigger audiences and generate more revenue by providing the tools to educate the industry about the importance of culture in content distribution."

World M+E News was developed exclusively for Spherex. The company reviews and curates articles daily from hundreds of news sources worldwide filtered through a cultural, social and religious lens around TV and film content. Spherex is a global entertainment technology and data company transforming how media and entertainment enterprises create, adapt and deliver film and television to audiences worldwide through human-curated AI and machine learning. With unmatched expertise in cultural adaptation, ratings, metadata and title monitoring, Spherex works with the world's largest media companies, movie studios, networks, distributors and streamers to build larger audiences, speed up content discovery, drive more video views and generate higher revenue. Learn more at www.spherex.com.

Source: Spherex