Game On! ForeVR Bowl Brings Bowling to the Living Room

New Gaming Company Dedicated to Bringing IRL Games to VR

ForeVR Games, a virtual reality gaming company, launched its inaugural game today with ForeVR Bowl. A multiplayer game available on Oculus Quest, ForeVR Bowl is an immersive experience that brings bowling to life for people of all ages. At $19.99, players experience a first-of-its-kind immersive world of bowling and access to Facebook's Avatar 2.0.  

Check out this video that explores the world of ForeVR Bowl via virtual drone. Game logo here and poster here.

Featuring the latest innovations in gaming technology, ForeVR Bowl offers six themed bowling alleys including the moon, a disco club, a Palm Springs mansion, and a Polynesian island — with dedicated soundtracks for each location. Players compete against family and friends choosing from a selection of 100+ collectible bowling balls, each with its own distinct style and game play. Unique and quirky surprises await players through the game, including rolling from anywhere they can stand, bowling balls capable of 50 mph, and trick shots off of everything and anything. 

ForeVR Bowl uses a cutting-edge bowling simulator and Real Feel throw technology to create an authentic bowling experience that brings real-life games to VR. Company co-founders Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom's vision is to transform IRL games into immersive experiences that everyone can easily enjoy.  

"Who doesn't love bowling? It was a lot of fun to imagine and create this alternative bowling universe," said Mike Pagano Doom, ForeVR's co-founder and chief creative officer. Added CEO and co-founder Marcus Segal, "We took one of America's favorite and most popular pastimes and adapted it for a VR experience that people of all ages, geographies and abilities can enjoy together."

About ForeVR Games

ForeVR is a global gaming company dedicated to making mass-market-accessible VR games playable by people of all ages and geographies. Founded and run by Marcus Segal and Michael Pagano Doom, the company is creating category-defining games with social play that offer entertainment for everyone. Learn more at

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