CuriosityStream Premieres Mars Programming in Anticipation of the Martian Release

Streaming Service Debuts 4 New Programs About the Planet Mars

​​​CuriosityStream is premiering four new programs today focused on the science behind the planned missions to Mars in anticipation of The Martian feature film release. The programming slate examines the scientific, historical and emotional perspectives of exploring and potentially living on Mars.

MARS: THE JOURNEY is an original mini-doc about mankind’s enduring quest to explore our closest planetary neighbor, featuring experts from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and an award-winning journalist. The red planet has been shrouded in mystery for centuries.  But a series of recent robotic missions is lifting the veil on her biggest secrets, paving the way for manned exploration that could one day make Mars our home. Produced by Curiosity Studios.

DESTINATION MARS is a 5-part original series investigating the perils and promise of a manned mission to Mars. A mix of documentary sequences, expert interviews and dramatic reconstructions explore in detail the plans of the Netherlands based group Mars One – and efforts underway by NASA and private companies to reach the red planet. Everyone agrees that realizing the dream will require new technology, but timelines vary wildly, from ten to thirty years. Produced by Bigger Bang Productions.

A CURIOUS WORLD: CAN WE COLONIZE MARS? is a short-form original that explores the realities of living on the red planet. Multiple public and private ventures are making real progress toward a goal that once seemed unimaginable: establishing a human settlement on Mars. But what will it take to get there? Will we be able to overcome the debilitating and dangerous effects of extended space travel? And where will we live and what will we eat when we arrive? Will humans ultimately be able to survive on Mars? Produced by Pixel Dust Studios.

COSMIC FRONT: TERRAFORMING MARS is a one-hour special that explores how a seemingly dead world like the red planet could be transformed into an Eden of flowing rivers and towering forests in less than a century. Astrobiologist Chris McKay has a bold plan to seed life, warm the atmosphere and trigger cascading events that could create a second earth teeming with life. Produced by NHK.

The site will also feature the NASA press conference from earlier this week announcing their major science finding, along with the Q&A that followed.

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